Antique Victorian Pillowcase Sheet Return Bed Linens Drawn Filet Crochet Lace

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An absolutely stunning Victorian bed linen set, consisting of a pair of pillowcases and sheet return or bolster cover.  The 3 piece set perhaps was made for a trousseau.  It is so beautiful, it very well could have been.  The fabric is a metis, a combination of fine  cotton and linen fibers.

The pillowcases are are 41-1/3" long x 23-1/4" wide, which includes the fancy needle work  The cases are embellished with four rows of drawn /pulled thread, a row of hemstitching and 2" wide fillet crochet with scallop edging, at the hem.  Total length of the needlework is 9-1/4" long.

The sheet return or bolster is finished with, again outstanding needlework, on one long side and two short side.  Plain selvage edge of fabric on the other long side.   Width of the return is 32-1/2" wide, including the needlework.  Length is 93-1/2" long, including the needlework on either short side.   The fancy work on the return is even more of it than the pillowcases,  It consisting of four rows of drawn /pulled thread, (which are wider than the drawnwork on the pillowcases). A row of hem stitching and two rows of fillet crochet lace.  One of the rows is insertion, and the other edging, to match the pillowcases.  Total width of the fancy work on the sheet return is 18" wide. 

Condition:  The set is as found....meaning they have not been laundered, and should be, to freshen.  You will find some oxidation on the pillowcases (see photos).  Only a tiny dot at the edge of the lace on the sheet return.  This set may or may have not been used.  Fabric is very nice, as is the needlework. 

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