Antique Victorian Silk Ribbon Art Whimsy Ditty Sewing Bag

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Here is one of the those ribbon fantasy made for leisure enjoyment by ladies from the Victorian - Edwardian era. So many of these wonderful silk ribbon art pieces were given or received as gifts, some used and other items tucked away.

For the most part, you will find the pieces skillfully executed, with many sewn by hand.

This whimsy / ditty bag might have been made to hold sewing articles or used on the vanity for storing delicates, such as handkerchiefs or stockings.

It is made of four pieces of ribbons, hand sewing together to fashion into a small bag or pouch.  The silk moire print ribbon is folded over to form the four corners.

It has  six bones rings secured to the ribbon.  A narrow gold ribbon is used through the loops of the ring.  The bag could then be drawn tight to close (or open).

Condition of the bag is very nice.  Laying flat it measures 8" x 9"

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