Antique Vintage 1900 Silver Twisted Wire Wrapped Candelabra Christmas Tree Ornament

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A very special and very vintage twisted silver wired wrapped candelabra chandelier.  This wonderful Christmas ornament dates from the early 1900's.  The candelabra supports six arms with wax candles attached.  Glass ball at the base to add a bit more shimmer.  This amazing  jewel would love to decorate your holiday tree.  The length is  8-1/2" from the tippy top to the bottom.

Arms of the candlelabra extend upward to 3". (including the 1-3/4" candle).  Wick has never been burnt.  There are six twisted wrapped wire at the center of the chandelier.  Each separating outward to hold the candles.

Candles have become a bit mishapen over the years.

Decorated loops just above where the six strands of  wire wrap through the center.   Wire hook at the very top for hanging.

Condition is very nice including the candles considering the age and that they are wax.

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