Antique White Mohair Wig Costuming Theatrical Masquerade Head Piece Never Worn

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Now here's a treat if you love costuming, theater, or perhaps looking for a Halloween masquerade costume to give you inspiration.

So....let me give you the details....the wig is styled with hair pulled back in a bun at the back of the head (in fact, there are a couple of metal hairpins tucked down inside to secure the bun), plus two curls attached to one side.  What was so striking to me as the wig is SO CLEAN, I mean like never worn with every strand of the mohair laying hardly out of place. The lining of the piece is like a cheese cloth.  It too, is very clean. There are some inking marks on the cheese cloth or such, but no labels as to manufacture.

Circumference around the inside at the edge is 23-1/2" around the band.

Probably dates early 1900's, possibly a little earlier but I doubt pass 1920. Again, I feel it has never been worn. 

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