April 1935 Womans Home Companion Magazine Maude Tousey Fangel Cover 9 Fashion Pages

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April 1935, Woman's Home Companion magazine.  Sweet cover of baby in blue sweater with outstretched beads in hands, illustrated by Maude Tousey Fangel.

Wonderful nine pages, most in color, of the latest spring fashions for women, from sporting to glamorous evening wear.  Plus a page of adorable perky hats.  Several ads for footwear, too. This is a great magazine for anyone wanting to research clothing and accessories from the era.

Neat colored full page advertising plus other black and white ads.  Magazine is packed with homemaking, decorating style tips, cooking and entertaining.  And of course, the short stories and articles. An afternoon of reading fun.

Condition:  Front cover is partially loose from binding. One short tear at this edge on cover also. Missing back cover. There are also two pages missing part of, otherwise intact. All fashion pages intact.


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