Barkcloth Pair Drapes Vintage 1940 Showy Flowers Mid Century

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Weight: 1.50 LBS
Height: 8.00 Inches
Width: 10.00 Inches
Depth: 3.00 Inches
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A lovely pair of Barkcloth drapery panels from the vintage years of the 1940's. A stunning show of summer flowers in a soft plum pink color with muted green leaves set on a creamy oatmeal background creates an idyllic style.  The size of the flowers are large in scale.  

Each panel is 84" long x with four sewn in pinch pleats at top, making the width 17" wide. (it would require the metal pins to hang).  The bottom hem is 33-1/2" wide.  

Condition:  Actually very nice considering the age.  Cleanings over the years has soften the colors so not as bold as they were when new. Probably a tiny amount of oxidation on the background color but not easy to detect.  No tears etc that I found.

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