Blue Calico 4 Fabric Scrap Pieces Early 1900's Craft Sewing Quilting

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Depth: 1.00 Inches
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A group of four early 1900's blue calico fabric scraps suitable for crafts, quilting or sewing.  Like new crispy condition, the blue background with white print resembles a tiny bow tie.  As these are scraps, there are odd cuts to the fabric.

1.  A long narrow piece with selvage on one side, which is 28" long.  It has a jut on the other side. From the end to the jut it is 19' long.  5" wide at the narrow end.  9" wide at the other.

2.  Oval cut out on the one side. Straight edge on the other side is 17" long.  Width at either end is 10" wide.  Remember it does have the oval cut.  Width to the center of this cut is 5"wide.

3.  Another odd cut. 14"long on the straight side. 

4.  Almost rectangle piece. Straight side is 7"long.  Shortest width is 5"wide.

Pieces have never been laundered and are in good condition.

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