Celluloid Baby Dress Bunny Rattle Vintage 1920s Campbell Kids Face

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An adorable celluloid baby rattle from the 1920's, 1930's, featuring a hanging swinging baby dressed in a bunny suit.  Complete with rabbit ears and a bow tie around the neck.  This sweet child bunny is attached to a round loop, which swings freely from an oval shape. 

A highlight of this oval shape is a raised disc at the center.  On this disc, a child's face is printed of Campbell Kids style features.  Soft pinks and the little girl's face indicate the rattle was meant for a baby girl.  Sweet as can be.

Size of the rattle is 7"long, from the bottom of rabbit to the small loop at the top. Silk ribbon is tied through this loop.  2-1/2"diameter at the center of the large loop.  

Condition: At the bottom of the oval shape piece, on the front side, a slight indent. All seams fit nice and tight yet.  A little bit of soiling but so so minor.  Faces of both the child and baby are very nice.  For the fragile nature of celluloid, this rattle is quite good.  No markings as to maker. 

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