Civil War Childs Bonnet Silk Fabric Tulle Net Ribbon Trim Antique 1860s Hat

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A stunning little girl's bonnet is blue silk fabric bedecked with cream pleated ribbon trimming, chin ties and bow at the back.  The soft but shaped bonnet has even more dazzle with a layer of black tulle netting layered over the cream fabric.

Further, the cream silk lining and the lovely blue of the outside fabric are padded, then hand quilted together.  The stiff brim (at the face area) feels to be wired at the very edge  An overlay of pleated ribbon (one on the outside and one underside) covers the area of the stiffened brim. 

As you can see though, there is damage to the under laying ribbon with parts of its in shreds.  Even so, the detail of how the bonnet is constructed is truly beautiful.  Even the ribbon has a pretty woven design to it at the outside edge.

Measurements: It is 15" from one side of the brim to the other, around the face area.  It 13-1/2" from the edge of chin, around the back to the other side of chin.  Measuring from the center top, at the front of head to the back of head, the length is 5" deep.

Condition:  As mentioned the pleated ribbon does have damage. Black net does have some holes as well as the blue silk. I have not untied the chin ties so don't know the condition, but just from looking, I would say good.  Even so, still it is a remarkable piece surviving the ages.  Perhaps the ribbon could be stabilized, I don't know.  To me, that would be the worse. Or just enjoy for what it is with gentle care.  How lovely for dressing a large doll or just for a study piece.

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