Depression Towel Green Stripe Crash Linen 1930 For Roller Towel Bar

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If you are old enough to remember when....roller bar towels used in a wash room or clean up area.  Here is just one of those towels from the later 1920's into the Depression years of the 1930's. Oh what fun to find one of those old wooden roller towel bars to decorate a farmhouse bath or laundry room. 

The ends of the towel were hemmed together to make a continuous length, placed on a roller bar (usually wooden) to dry ones hands on the clean part of the towel.  When soiled, the towel was laundered. 

A little nifty invention. 

This towel is 74" long, continuous, x 16-3/4" wide.  Probably a crash linen fabric with a wide band of green, white and black stripes.  Used but still in good condition with the exception of some oxidation marks from storage. (see photo)   No holes.

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