Doll 1920s Ribbon Rosette Powder Puff Wand Mirror Vintage Flapper

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A 1920's hand made, hand decorated ribbon puff wand and mirror, in the most unusual size. This amazing doll size ribbon set is a delightful replica of the larger versions, so prevalent  from a flapper girl's boudoir, during the Roaring 20's decade. 

The front of both the puff and mirror are overlaid with narrow silk ribbon in shades of light salmon and light yellow.  Stitched in the center and knotted at the edges, with a few strokes of paint to the center, suggest the pansy flower.  Back of puff is mohair.  The wand sticks are wrapped in ribbon, just as the larger counterparts.  The image of the mirror has darken to the point of being almost non-reflective.  Perhaps it never was any different. 

The mirror of the little set does need some restoring.  The silk ribbon edging, holding the mirror to the pretty ribbon backing, has shredded leaving the mirror rather unsecured.  I find some light shredding to the pansy ribbon fronts, too, although very minor.  Does not hamper the look.

Size of each piece is:  4-1/2" long from the top to the bottom tip of wand. Diameter of puff is 1-3/4" and diameter of mirror is 2" .

A pure treasure to display with a boudoir doll or other vintage doll decor.


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