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Early 1900 1920 Tin Advertising Pin Cushion Sewing Office Pins Intact

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A neat original advertising round tin pincushion complete with the pins (except 2 missing at outer edge)   The cushion advertises D.F. Tayler & Cos. Office Pins,  Made in England trademark shield. 

The pins are pinned to a spiral paper, coiled inside the tin.  The green tin with gold letter measures 1-3/4" tall, including the pins.  Diameter of the base is 1-3/4". 

Very nice tin, although does have a few minor flaws.  There are two "trademark" shields on either side of the tin.  One shield marking is perfect.  The other the markings are gone.  In my opinion, maybe something at one time was placed over it.  A sticker or such.  It very clean otherwise.  

A neat piece for a sewing room or collection.      

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