Early 1900 Red Blue Calico Quilt Brown Check Homespun Back Handstitched

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For your country primitive home, a red and blue calico quilt with a brown check homespun backing.  Dating from the late 1890's or early 1900's, the quilt is completely hand stitched.  It is a summer weight quilt with one layer of batting between the fabrics. 

Not sure of the exact quilt pattern name but it looks to be a varient of hour glass.  It is a striking quilt with a wide red border with a black and yellow circle / dot design.  Middle of quilt is a combination of the red fabric and a blue with white dot.  Entire backing is the brown homespun fabric.  

Size is 77 x  77-1/2". 

Condition:  It is used.  The homespun backing does have small worn holes/areas consisting with the wear the quilt has received.  Age spotting on the backing, too.  On the border, is does have a small mended patch.  Also in this same area a straight tear to the fabric 2" in length.   Even though it has seen much service, in my opinion, it could still be enjoyed, especially if you love a tattered primitive look. 

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