Early 1900s Blue Calico Fabric Remnant Doll Clothing Quilting Crafts

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Here's a cut remnant piece of early 1900's blue calico fabric in a small scale pattern.  The remnant would be suitable for small doll clothing, quilting or other crafts.  It is crispy like new condition.  Part of the fabric has been cut, so what is left is an "L" shaped piece.  The one side of the L is 36" wide, from selvage to selvage.  The length is 11-1/2" long.  The other end of the "L" is 54" long.  At the one end the width is 10" wide.  At the other it is 9-1/2" wide.  In the center of this piece there is another cut (see photos).  The width at this point is 7-1/2" wide.  An odd piece but usable for smaller projects. 

A great country primitive fabric.

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