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Early ABC School Girl Sampler On Homespun Original Frame

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Very nice early Victorian ABC sampler on homespun. No date but guessing it to be 1830-1860. It is from the Ohio area middle to southern part of the state but I do not know more than that. It is on homespun linen & I believe linen thread.  

All upper case alphabet in three different sizes with several "T" in the second row. In the third row there are two "W". The larger cased alphabet goes to "P". In this fourth row the letter are ABC then another C.  Counted numbers are up to 8.. Below all the lettering is "Ida J Z". Across the bottom is name "Henry Childs". Now, I would assume this sampler was done by a little boy.

I believe the frame is original to the sampler as it does fit very well with the borders.   Still, it definitely has been taken out of the frame at some point as new matting board & nails secure the sampler. If the frame is not original to the sampler it certainly is appropriate.

Colors are black, light & darker tan/brown & blue. Size of sampler is 8-1/4" x 9-1/4" without the frame. With the frame it measures 10-1/2" x 12". Condition..some age marks but no holes or thread loss. Thread is nice and bright.

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