Edwardian Photo 1900s Baby Picture Child Fancy Coat Bonnet Photograph

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Fashionably stylish makes this wide-eyed child's photograph adorably cute.   How could one misbehave wearing such a fancy coat and matching bonnet?   The photograph is late Victorian or Edwardian era, still in the original folding cardboard frame. 

No date but the imprint on the front of the cover suggest it is from the Art Nouveau (1890 - 1910) era.   The toddler's coat is embellished with a capelet and collar.  All trimmed with ruffles. Matching bonnet is also accented with ruffles at the face area.

Size is 4" wide x 9" long.  This measurement includes both the photo and the cardboard frame.  

Condition:  Some slight wear to the corners and a slight soiling of the cardboard.  Nothing more than one would expect.

This is just such a wonderful archival treasure of little ones' clothing as well as the cuteness of the person wearing it.

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