February 1935 McCalls Magazine Vintage Fashion Ads Homemaking

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Old magazines are a trip down memory lane and this February 1935 McCall's magazine is no exception.  A trip back, of fashions, ads and homemaking tips.  132 pages of fun reading including 10 pages of fashionable women's clothing in full color. 

What were the styles of the day?  Plenty of research can be done searching these pages from sporting clothes with a flare for a sun exposure, to youthful daytime dresses.   For that special party or evening, try the picture dress with it flowing long skirt, off the shoulder ruffle and narrow straps.  A lovely elegance. 

If the tailored look is more your style, then the belted tweeds suits, fitted jacket with long sleek skirt, will give you class.  Around tea time, printed crepes, soft folds and bulky tops  are very feminine. 

Of course, a woman's magazine wouldn't be, without the recipes, the short stories or beauty and homemaking tips.  Take a step back from the hectic world of today and lose yourself for an afternoon into yesterday.  

Condition of the magazine:  The back cover is loose but still with the magazine.  Wear and some splits at the binding.  Nothing more than the usual wear.  Inside pages are good with no tears that I found.  A few bent corners of the page here and there. 

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