Franks 1900 Needlework Product Catalog Embroidery Lace Fancy Goods Supply

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What kind of needlework goods were available in the early 1900's?  Take a peek at this Frank's 1909 - 1910, St. Louis catalog featuring the latest in fancy work.  70 pages of materials and products from patterns to stamped goods. 

Both for embroidery and lace making, such as Battenburg patterns.  A nice glossary of different types of netting, and canvases.  Linens, includes handkerchief linen, natural linen and white art linen.   Love this catalog for the great example / identification of tape laces and novelty braids.  A neat catalog if you were doing research. 

Included also are Royal Society stamped goods for pillows and other novelty pieces.  Another pages of embroidery floss including silk floss, darning silk and crochet silk thread.  Other goods include tapestries, pincushions, collar bags etc.  A fun book that gives a glimpse of the past.

Size of the book is 7" x 9-1/2".  Condition is normal usage.  No torn pages.  No colored pages.


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