French Vintage WW1 Silk Apron Embroidery Large Ribbon Rosette Flowers

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A souvenir vintage apron from France.  Brought or sent back home by American GI's serving in WW1, this silk apron is quite a beauty.  Made of a creamy silk, the apron is edged in wide Valenciennes lace.  Then the apron is embellished with seven large ribbon rosettes shaped into roses. 

Each of the ribbonwork roses measure 2" to 2-1/4" in diameter.  Worked among the roses are smaller ribbonwork flowers. Joined together with leaves and stems worked in silk embroidery.   A cream ribbon bow is situated at each of the shoulders.  At one time, the apron had ribbon ties at the waist, but now gone.  

Measurements:  Length of the apron is 40" long from the shoulder to the center point at the hem line.  Width at the waist is 12" wide and at the hem line 22" wide.  

Condition:  It does have some oxidation stains from storage.  Missing ribbon ties at the waist and a few prick pulls to the cream silk fabric.  Nothing more than what would be normal handling and storage over the years.  

Note:  Did you know....

The popularity of embroidered and printed textiles made for the souvenir market during WWI were a sentimental remembrance.  The men fighting in the war on a far away shore would purchase these beautiful keepsakes to take or send back home to a cherished loved one. A cottage industry of making these lovely pieces helped provide an income for families, especially ones in France and Belguim.


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