Hand Stitched Civil War Purse Victorian 1860 Bead Fringe Cloth Pouch

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A wonderful hand stitched cloth purse dating from the Civil War era. Perhaps as early as 1850's. The purse is made of a mauve wool or wool linen fabric mix, trimmed with a decorative braid. It is further embellished with small clear glass beads in a feather design. 

The out side edge is a narrow green stripe ribbon terminating in a short green fringe.   The same ribbon, braid and beaded enhancement decorate the front opening flap.  The closure is a larger white bead for decorative purposes only.  The flap closes with hook and eye. 

At the inside opening, another type of print fabric in a tan linen with blue design, is hand stitched at the open edge.  Inside is lined in a pink dress lining type fabric.  A blue ribbon type braid is used for the handle.  Back of the purse is as decorative as the front, using the same braids and beads.  

It is just too wonderful to have survived all these years.  Actually, in very good condition, considering.  As you notice some loss of the mauve fabric with the pink lining fabric showing through,.  A bit of color change to some of the narrow stripe ribbon.  A couple lost beads but minor. 

It is a small purse measuring 5" long x 6" wide.

It truly is a treasure. 


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