Heminway Silk Instruction Knitting Underwear Book 1880s

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Heminway & Sons Silk Instruction book on how to use the new English underwear silk thread.   Although no exact date, the booklet dates from the later 1880's.  Complete directions for making a ladies silk under vest, with or without sleeves. 

Infant silk shirt, child's silk petticoat  and infants crocheted silk socks.  Mostly text with only two drawings, a child petticoat and bottom of infant shirt.   15 pages.   Several back pages of threads etc.   Sweet cover with drawing of a nymph. 

Condition:  paper covers, partially loose but still attached.  Some soiling, corner tears.  Nothing more than would be expected for the fragile nature of paper, and for the age.  Basically quite nice. 

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