High Neck Collar Victorian 1900 Battenburg Tape Mixed Lace

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An aesthetically pleasing Victorian collar made of Battenburg tape and mixed laces in a stunning well executed collar.  This hand made beauty takes its cue from the mixed lace medallions center front.  The tape lace, formed in flowers and foliage, accent these medallions. 

It is a high neck collar, so associated with the Gibson girl look of the 1890's.  It has boning in four different areas on the inside.  Hooks on the one side to fasten to thread loops on the other side.    The bottom of the collar is deeply scalloped at the front center.  The collar then lays gracefully over the shoulder area.  Ecru in color.

Size:  As the collar is laid out in first photo: measuring from one shoulder to the other it is 16" across.  From the bottom of the scallop to the top of the neck line, it is 11-1/2" deep.  Circumference around the neck is 12".  Length of the center back of the collar, from the top of neck to the bottom is 6-1/2". 

Condition:  I did not find any broken thread or holes, however, I may have missed something minor.  Some soiling but nothing major.  It has been removed from a garment so some remnant of the dress fabric still attached to the edge of collar.








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