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June 1935 Vintage Woman Home Companion Magazine

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A very nice, but not quite minty, issue of the Woman's Home Companion for June 1935. The magazine has four full pages and several partial pages of the latest fashions. One page of sport style clothing, from the fashionable stores across the US, including Wanamakers, NY, The Emporium, San Francisco, Hallie Brothers, Cleveland and Mandel Brothers, Chicago. 

A fabulous colored page of a bridal and attendant dresses with a "going away" suit on the opposite page.  A nice accompaning text describing the latest fashion silhouette. 

Still, another  colored page of lounge and swimwear, plus several half pages of dress, blouse and evening gowns.  This vintage magazine also features so many great ads, short stories, food, decorating and beauty tips.

The only flaws I found with the magazine is one page which has part of the page torn out....well, what can I say...who hasn't torn a page, or part,  from a magazine to save? Also, you will notice the cover has a spot on the cheek of the lady, possibly something had stuck to the surface.

For the fashion history bluff, a great magazine for research.

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