Ladies Home Journal Dress Pattern Vintage 1916 Clothing Booklet Good Dressing

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Look at these dress styles from the vintage years of 1916.   This Good Dressing booklet shows patterns for women and children.  Many featured in Ladies Home Journal.  It is 10 pages of cutest women's frocks for summer wear.

Even the kids clothing are classy sweet.  Both day, as well as evening wear, including the handkerchief hem line.   A page of nightgowns and underclothing, too. If you want to know the fashions of 1916, here is a great resource pamphlet for study.  All pages are represented in the photos.

This booklet is published by the Good Dressing Home Patterns, 114 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y.  This is the May 1916 issue.

It is reasonable good condition.  Made of cheaper paper, it does have some tears at the edges. Also it has been folded with a crease in the center.  Still it is intact and so fun to turn the pages. 

It will be shipped with care.

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