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Mauchline Wooden Thread Spool Box Brooks Sewing Cottons Scene On Lid

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A Victorian Mauchline ware thread spool box.  The round wooden ware box advertises the Brook Sewing Cottons on the inside of lid and bottom of box.  The graphic of the factory on the inside of lid is in excellent condition. 

The paper label on the bottom of the box is partially missing, however, grasp the wording to say "Brook's, Soft Finish, Warranted 200 Yards #50.  The outer band of words a little more difficult.  A colored winter scene embellishes the lid of box ~ a home, fence with trees and other planting. 

The inside of box has six compartments for spools of thread, although none are Brooks.   They are all old Corticelli, Belding and J & P Coats spools.  Some silk and some cotton threads.  The center compartment had a label of Brooks over the top edge.  Whether this held a spool?  It looks to be somewhat concave at the bottom and not as deep as the compartments for the thread spools.  A possibility it was to store a thimble? 

Condition of the box is very nice except for partial loss of the paper label on the bottom of box. 

Size of box:  3-1/2" diameter across the bottom  Lid, which is 4-3/8 diameter and slightly convex, overlays the top edge of box.  Height is 2-1/8" tall.

A nice Victorian sewing thread box.


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