November 1900 Delineator Magazine Adult Children Doll Fashions Needlework No Covers

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A November 1900 issue of the Delineator magazine. Starting page for the November issue was 581 with ending page 726.  So many pages with illustrations of fashions of the day, including adult and children.  Even a page for doll fashions. 

This issue also has several pages of needlework, fancy stitches and embroidery.  For the infant, a bib in Modern lace , including instructions.  (Battenburg). Other notables, short stories, household hints and don't forget the advertising.  A fun adventure down memory lane. 

There are no colored pages but 3 full length pages of black and white women fashion. 

Size is 11" x 8"

Condition:  No covers, 11 pages missing with a good possibility some were color.  Several slightly torn pages.  No more than 2" straight tear. 

A great magazine for research or just enjoy.

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