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Old Photo Boys Playing Homemade Wooden Race Car Spoke Wheels

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An old 1920 - 1930 vintage photograph photo. Dressed in their Sunday best, these two boys are having fun playing with their homemade wooden race car with metal spoke wheels.  Ready to roll away, a picture was taken before hand. 

The photo is also a story of fashion and protocol, as the older boy is old enough to wear long trousers and a neck tie.  The sleeves of his white shirt are rolled up.

His younger brother is dressed in knickers and long black stockings. A short sleeve shirt, possibly a sailor top with scarf tied around the collar.

The race car is also a story of imagination, ingenuity and resourcefulness.  Hand built, its displays materials at hand, wood. wood slats, metal wheels, etc.  Totally an art of do-it-yourself.  

The photo is 8" long x 6" wide.  No history or other information is provided.  Condition is good.   

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