Pilgrims Going To Church Framed Vintage Print By George H. Boughton

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A vintage framed print of  "Pilgrims Going To Church" by George H. Boughton.   Dating about 1920's, the print is in the original narrow painted black wood frame with a wide mat board.   It has never been taken from the frame, although the paper covering on the back has been mainly removed. Original glass.

Size of the frame is 12-1/2" x 15", including the 1/4" wide frame.  Mat board is 3" wide at the top, 3-3/4" wide at the bottom and 2-5/8" wide on either side.  

Condition:  Print looks to be very nice condition.  Some slight soiling around the edges of the mat board plus a couple of spots. Some wear to the black finish of the frame.  Frame is in very tight condition with print secure. 

Please note:  The camera has reflected the light from the glass in a couple of the photos.  It is no harm to the print, only a reflection from the glass.

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