Renaissance Battenburg Dress Front Lace Collar Hand Made Tape Laces

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Height: 6.00 Inches
Width: 8.00 Inches
Depth: 1.00 Inches
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An irresistible Renaissance Battenburg lace collar from the late Victorian 1900's Edwardian era.  This beautiful antique collar is so beautiful and fine.  Perhaps it was hand made for a wedding dress or a special ball gown. 

Joined with a narrow decorative tape lace, the gorgeous fill pattern is well executed, including Tenerife lace and gorgeous button hole rosettes.  The rosette rings are executed through out the lace in a very dramatic fashion.     The complete edge of the collar is finished in picot trim.

As you notice from the photos, the collar is large, dress front, if you will. It features a stand up collar, with the front dipping below the waist.  The collar lays just over the shoulders in the back.

Measurement :  At the center front, from the stand up collar to the tip of the point, the length is 20-3/4" long.   It is about 17" across from shoulder to shoulder.  18" wide across the breast.  The narrowest width of the lace is at the front point, which is 1-1/2" wide    Yes, very impressive. 

Condition: Very clean and very nice.  I did not see any broken threads etc., however, I may have missed something small.

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