Ribbon Rosette Plush Leaf Silk Hat Band Trim Rayon Millinery Bandeau 1920s Inspired

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Depth: 2.00 Inches
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The art of ribbon work is an inspiration as in this lovely creation.  A gorgeous millinery hat band or a bandeau head piece, this lovely is made of leaves, plush flowers, clusters of rayon ribbon grapes and flowers.  Amazingly styled in beautiful detail. 

Although it looks to be from the 1920's flapper era, I believe the piece has been assembled from tidbits from the 20's time period (such as the cluster of grapes and the rayon petals flowers). Perhaps some of the plush flowers, as well as the leaves forming the edge border, are from a decade or so later.  

In close examination, I can see some stitching, however, most are glued to a buckram backing, then glued again to a soft wool back.  It is intricate and beautiful incorporating all old vintage pieces. 

Condition is very nice.

Size:  13-1/2" long, from one side to the other along the bottom edge.  Height at center front is 4-3/4" then it tapers to either side. 


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