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Silk Bobbin Lace Hand Made Handkerchief Victorian Hankie Wheat Pattern Unused

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Here is a gorgeous Victorian silk thread hand made bobbin lace handkerchief.  The lace making design is a combination of wheat or leaves mixed with other filling stitches.  The color is a cream ivory, which showcases the lace making technique, turning it into a spectacular textile. 

It appears to have been made in a couple different sections, then pieced into a  11-1/2" square. It has a round silk fabric center measuring 6" in diameter. The edging lace at the corners is 5" wide. Elsewhere it is 2-1/2" wide.  

Condition:  It  looks to be finished but never removed from the fabric it is basted to.  Of course, minty condition.

Here is a lovely antique vintage piece to own. 

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