SOLD 1869 Peterson Magazine Year Bound Book 10 Color Fashion Pages Needlework

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A full year bound book of Peterson's Magazine for the year 1869.  This women's fashion fancy work book features 10 colored plates of fashionable clothing.  There are no fold out pages.  A number of other highlights are a round chair seat with angel motif, work basket and slippers. 

Several pages of beautiful monogram letters that are as useful day, as then.  Besides these, there are other wonderful needlework patterns and directions.  Even diagrams for making clothing, both for adult as well as children.  If you like reading, the many stories will provide many insights into daily life.

478 pages plus the pages of content.

Condition:  For the age, decent.  The usual handling and wear one would expect.  Some foxing of pages.  No loose pages. The leather on the front cover does have a bubble where it has raise.



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