SOLD 1900s Americana Old Glory Flag Stamped Motto Unfinish Pillow To Embroidery

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Patriotism is part of the fabric of our American heritage so let’s show it for Old Glory ~ wave that red, white, and blue! The flag has been celebrated in many ways in needlework, especially in the art of hand embroidery, since the founding of the nation.   At the turn of the 20th century,  many companies incorporated patriotic themed pillow tops in their needlework catalogs.  

The stamped and tinted covers/tops found a ready market with the Victorian woman.   Even the correct color and amount of floss was included with the project, so the embroidery work was easy to complete.

The embroidery work of this 1900's pillow top has been started but never completed.  The outline of the field of blue stars and the outline of the flag pole has been worked.  The remainder is not done.  Even though not completed it is very attractive to enjoy the way it is.  Even though this type of pillow top were sold for pillows, I have seen many framed as work of art.  Wonderful way to display.

The top measures 20-1/2" square. 

Condition is very nice with only a tad of soiling and oxidation from over the years of storage.

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