SOLD 5 Needlecraft Magazines 1914 Embroidery Fashion Needlework Ads

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If you enjoy old needlework magazines, here's a group of five that will provide loads of fun.  The lot of five are Needlecraft Magazine from the year 1914, for the months of January, March, July, September and November.  Even though there are no covers, the pages inside are intact.  A neat collection of how-to articles and directions for embroidery, crochet, knitting and tatting. Some even have some sewing projects and other crafts such as beadworking.  Nothing boring here!  Recipes?  Yes, some yummy ones included plus pages of fashionable clothing to wear to luncheons and other outings.  What good magazine isn't without its adverting,too, ....or its short stories. 

Size of the magazine is 11" x 15".

Condition:  Again no covers,  Decent condition but used. 

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