SOLD Antique Woven Matelasse Marcella Counterpane Bedspread Victorian Cover Floral Pattern Victorian

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Another lovely late Victorian, or early 1900's, white cotton Matelasse, Marcella or Counterpane bedspread cover woven in a raise design.  Which ever name to want to call these covers matelasse, marcella or counterpane, they all imply the top cover of the bed.

Laid out in a lovely design of borders with each border a floral design.  I particular like the second border with it trumpet flowers  Overall look is so.... romantic.  

The outer most border are of flower buds.  This border is 13" wide.  The second border are the showy trumpet flowers.  This border is 9-1/2" wide.   The inside center  is filled with small pots of flowers.    This area is 33" wide.

Overall size is 91" long x 77-1/2"wide.  It would fit a standard or double bed.  All sides are straight edge and corners.  (no curve at the corner) 

Recently cleaned then stored and although clean when stored I noticed just a couple little smudges when I unfolded it. 

Most even brushed off.  Probably up against the cupboard wall.   The counterpane was used on a spare bed, however, now  it is time for someone else to enjoy.  There is no major wear ...and if there is any minor, I did not notice any.

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