SOLD Victorian Sham Layover Pillow Cover Italian Whitework Embroidery Drawnwork Saying Motto

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Depth: 1.00 Inches
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A lovely layover pillow sham from the Victorian era. Oblong shape.  A motif of  whitework embroidery flowers, drawnwork and Italian motto ( Amore Fede....Love Faith) finishes the center.

The sham is 31" x 41-3/4" overall size.  White linen fabric.  The border is accented with a row of drawn thread with stylized flower, leaves and meandering stems, separated by a wider drawnwork plus a narrow row of pulled thread.    Near the center, the motif is 17"  x 4" of the beautiful motto with flowers and leaves.  

Condition is very nice.  Not recently cleaned but good.  It may have been used some, but not much.  No damage that I noticed, however, I may have missed something small. 

P.S.  a little piece of fuss on the close up photo which picked off.  I didn't notice until after the listing done.

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