SOLD Vintage 1920s Cardboard Ice Box Delivery Sample Card

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Did you ever think before wide spread electricity how food was kept cold?  We take it for granted when we open the refrigerator our food will be cold.  As with many things in the past, there is an evolution of how we got here with the improving of technology.

Such is the invention of the ice box and with the help of blocks of ice placed in a compartment of the box to keep perishables at the right temperature.   During the Depression years of the 1920's and 1930's, ice was delivered by a delivery man.  A cardboard sign displaying the numbers of 25, 50, 75, and 100 pounds would be place upright in a window to tell the ice man just  how much ice was needed for the ice box.  

This particular block ice card is a printers sample to show customers style of designs and color combinations. At the center of the card, the advertiser would have company name or logo printed.  Above each number is a punched out hole so the card could be hung in a window. The card is in very nice condition with only a slight crease of the cardboard at the corner of 100.  A bit of soiling to the back side but again minor.  Dates from the early 1900's- 1930's. 

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