SOLD Vintage 1920s Quilt Top Patchwork Shirting Fabric Stripes Geometric Small Pattern

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From the vintage years of the early 1920's, perhaps somewhat earlier, an unfinished quilt top made mostly of shirting fabrics of the day. It is a great study piece, if for nothing else, of the type of fabric used mainly for men's shirts.  Note: the printed fabric of stripes with shiny thread weave ~ it is my understanding this type can date from the 1890's to the 1920's.

Aside from the study of the fabric, the top has visual eye appeal from the  relationship of soft colors plus pattern layout. Forming the center is a large diamond shape motif made of small squares and rectangles fitted together. 

The motif in each outside corner of the diamond is small and large squares.  At the tip of the diamond point, narrow strips are set to form an inner border.  Outer border is also set with narrow strips of fabric.  Note how uniform these different pieces of fabric fit together for a cohesive presentation. 

The top is treadle machine sewn and is 40" x 40".

Condition is good. 

Again, a wonderful study of shirting fabrics..... or just enjoy for the beauty.

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