The Toy Town Book S. G.Hulme Beaman Warne Vintage 1930s Storybook

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A cute storybook for children, The Toy Town Book, written by S. G. Hulme Beaman, published by Warne.  No date but about 1930's.  Chapters of the book include Grunty The Pig, Ham and Eggs, Jenny the Giraffe, Jimmy the Baby Elephant, Teddy's New Job, and Wally the Kangaroo. 

Hardbound board covers.  Heavy slick pages, with some in color, but most black and white.  A paper price sticker on the inside back cover, indicating the book was purchased from the J. W. Robinson Co., price 75 cents.  The Robinson's stores were a high end department store located in southern California.  Their with flagship store was in downtown Los Angeles.  How cool is it to find the book with the original price tag? 

Size 4-3/4"x 5-3/4"

Condition of the book is good.  I would assume the book may have had a dust jacket?  If so, none now.  Pages in good condition and intact.  Normal wear.  No more than one would expect.   

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