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Victorian 1870 Black Animal Fur Muff Hand Warmer Original Box

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Height: 15.00 Inches
Width: 25.00 Inches
Depth: 15.00 Inches
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To keep milady's hands warm on a winter's day, a black fur muff in the original box.  The last pat'd date of the 19th century muff, is March 8, 1870, so the muff dates then or early 1870's.  It is made of black fur, in rather a coarse medium length.  Possibly muskrat, beaver or bear.  Even though black on top, the softer under fur is brown.  Perhaps it even has been dyed.  I'm not a fur expert so am taking a guess.    The muff is lined in black silk.

Condition of the muff:  For the age, very good.  I feel there is some wear to the fur in a couple areas, although it may be how it is brushed.  If seems you see more of the brown under fur, than black, in these two areas, which are next to each other.   I also can't see much of the inside lining, I do feel a small hole in the silk in one place.  The remainder of the lining feels to be good.  

The box is a pasteboard / cardboard with the condition not the best.  All the corners at the top of the box are broken /torn at the corners.  The edges of the lid, except for one edge, are torn loose but not missing.  The label for the muff is inside the lid, which indicates 4 different pat'd dates.   Under license from Jason Crane to H.A. Newland, Detroit, Mich.  As the muff was sold at an estate sale in northwestern Ohio, it did not travel far from the Detroit, Mi. area.  

The box is made with a cardboard cylinder inside.  A novel way to store the muff, as it slips into the round cylinder securely.  

Circumference of the muff is 24" around.  Width of the muff is 8-1/2" from opening to opening.  Height is 7".

A great find to have a Victorian muff in the original box, plus such an early piece.  What a nice addition to a Victorian costume!   







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