Victorian 1880 Doily Woven Silk Jacquard Fringe 8 Flower Swan Fruit

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Depth: 1.00 Inches
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A beautiful set of antique doily mats from the Victorian era of the 1880's.  Splendidly woven in a silk jacquard weaving, in a square shape, fringed on all four sides.  Thread is a silk and cream woven in several different motifs.  Two swans, 2 pansies, 2 waterlily, 1 daisy and 1 pear.    

Size is 7" square including the 1" fringe. 

Condition:  A couple of the doilies appear, here and there, shorter strands of fringe.  The doilies would be approaching 150 years old, if not already.  For the age, they are absolutely stunning!  Very, very crisp and would be magnificent to show case in some way.  I have also included a photo of one doily to show you the reverse jacquard look. 


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