Victorian 1880s Silk Velvet Valance Portiere Floral Chenille Embroidery

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An outstanding piece of Victoriana.  The valance or portiere is extremely eye-catching, made of rich silk velvet fabric in a deep maroon color.  A beautiful back drop for the embellishment of  thick velvet flowers and the raised chenille embroidery of the leaves.  Ah, chenille embroidery ~ one of my favorites and not as often found these days.   
Bottom edge of the valance is finish with a loop and tassel braid.  Again, harmonizing in color tones with the velvet.  As you will notice the valance is asymmetrical.  As it is completely finished on all the sides, it either was used alone or a second finished piece mirrored the opposite.  At the top edge of the velvet, there is a border of plain tan weave (1/2" wide) which was used for a tacking strip. 
Another thing I noticed at one end of the top, the fabric has been cut and basted on a slant.  More than likely to fit a precise area.  The velvet has been backed with a black buckram to give it some stability. 
Length of the valance is 45-1/2" long x 16-1/2" wide (including the fringe).  The other end measures 16" wide due to the slant cut at the top. 
Conation is nice but not perfect.  Some slight crushing/creasing of the velvet nap plus two tiny slits (1/4" long - like a pencil mark) to the velvet.  I consider minor.
 An extraordinary piece with superb fanciwork.

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