Victorian 1890 Crazy Quilt Gorgeous Velvet Fabrics Embroidery Blanket Stitch

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Crazy quilts were all of the rage during the later Victorian years, reaching their peak in the early years of the 20th century.  Made of a variety of materials, in random patterns, they were usually embellished with embroidery.

The Gatherings is offering this crazy quilt from a recent estate find.  Dating from the Victorian 1890's era, the quilt is made of velvets, in wonderful rich colors of blues, maroons, greens, purples, golds, browns, creams and black.  Most all are in solid colors.  Embroidery, in a blanket stitch, is used to define each of the larger pieces of fabric, or smaller groups of fabric. 

The backing of the quilt is a tan color polished or sateen cotton.  The same fabric extends from the back over the top edge of the quilt to form a quilt protector.  This guard helped to keep the quilt from soil and damage.   Size is 68-1/2" wide x 75" long.

Condition:  In a couple areas where one fabric joins another, the fabric has pulled away from the seam.  All short lengths, no more than 1" long.  Could be mended.  In the same area, I noticed a few broken blanket embroidery stitches.  Again, very minor.  As the quilt has been folded and stored (outside in) for many, many years, there is oxidation of the polished cotton fabric along the fold lines.  No oxidation to the front of the quilt that I am aware of.  Colors are still jewel-tone bright.

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