Victorian Antique Tulle Shawl Net Scarf Lace Edge Collar 19th Century

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Depth: 1.00 Inches
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A mid to later Victorian shawl tulle net scarf collar in a lovely cream ivory color.  A short little wrap to accent a daytime dress.  Made of a finer cotton tulle, the shawl is edged in a lovely white machine lace. 

The scarf is 26-1/2" x 28", including the 2" scallop lace.

The condition of the 19th century piece, for the age, is good but does have some flaws.  A small hole in one area of the tulle and a couple of oxidation stains.  You will also find a couple of tiny holes in the lace edging.

Suitable for costumes, costuming, or photography.  Or just to wear or admire.

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