Victorian Battenburg Tape Lace Collar Sleeves Silk Lining From Antique Dress

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A splendid example of lace making is demonstrated in this set of Battenburg sleeves and collar removed from an antique Victorian dress.  Constructed of mixed and tape laces, formed into an intricate patterns of scrolls and flowers, then filled with equally intricate thread stitches. 

Repeat of the motif throughout.  Sleeves are lined in beige silk.  Pointed cuff with hook closure. The stayed collar is high neck with a band of silk satin and lace to further embellish the edge. Suitable to create into a new garment, other project or admire as they are.  

Length of sleeves are 25-1/2" long  x 7", across the sleeve opening at the top (14" circumference around).  Cuff opening 3-1/2"  across (7" circumference around).

Collar neck opening is 13-1/2" across, side to side.  10" long center front.  7-1/2" long back opening, from top to bottom. 

Condition:  Although lovely, there are places on both the collar and sleeves missing filling stitches.  Lining is shattered on the collar.  I also found some of the motif has been cut at the bottom edge of collar.  The collar is not in as good of condition as the sleeves.  Silk lining on the sleeves seems to be very good. Except for some missing filling stitches here and there, I would consider very nice.

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