Victorian Child Wool Sweater 1880s Hand Made From New England

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It isn't often children's wool sweaters from the 19th century are found, as most don't survive.  This Victorian, 1880's style is quite interesting.  This sweater was found in New England years and years ago but now it is time for someone else to enjoy.   

The main body of the sweater is made of brown wool of a tight weave.  Stitched to the brown is a lower portion made of a loose knit. A very interesting technique of deep scallops with fringe-like overlays.  This same technique is used around the neck line, down the front and at the cuff of sleeves. 

Colors are red, gold and a dirty white color. One loop and a hand made button of brown thread, or yarn, fastens the sweater, 

Size:  Length 20" long from the neck line to the hem.  11" across from shoulder to shoulder. Chest is 22"around. Sleeve length is 10" long.  No waist, but would be about 23" around. I would imagine fitting a child about 6 to 8 years of age. 

Condition:  For the age and being of wool, it is actually pretty good.  One hole at the neckline.  One at the back near the hem.  These are the largest and yet not that obvious.  A few smaller one.

If you are displaying primitive children's clothing, this sweater would make a nice addition. 

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