Victorian Children Silverware Graphic Box Bone Metal Knife Fork Spoon

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Here's a truly wonderful, still boxed, children silverware set.  The utensils consist of a bone handle knife and fork.  Metal knife blade and fork tings.  The spoon looks to be silver plate with a scroll design to the handle. 

The graphics of the box is what makes this such an unusual set.  The colorful lid is lithographed in a panel affair.  Center panel features a juggler, dressed in costume, tossing the knife, fork and spoon in the air.  His audience, of children, look on from either side. The clothing of each child is also perfectly illustrated down to hats and bonnets. 

The inside of the cardboard box also displays a lithograph paper featuring three chefs, blowing their horns, touting the news ~ Here we come with merry tune, to play our parts, knife fork and spoon.  The background of the paper is also illustrated with Blue Willow plates and silverware.  Pink tissue protects the inside contents. 

Dating from the late Victorian or Edwardian era, the marking on the box is H. Blacklock & Co Printers Manchester & London.  No other labels or tags.

Condition:  The cardboard box and graphics are in good condition.  Some pencil writing (possibly a name) along one side and a few lines on the bottom of the box.  No broken or torn corners.  Original tissue paper (one corner missing).  Silverware is still tied into box, although one string tying the knife is loose.  Silverware has never been used but does have a couple of tarnish spots.

Knife is 7" long.  Fork is 5" long.  Spoon 5-1/4" long.  Box is 9" long x 5" wide x 3/4" deep.

A darling presentation feeding set.

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