Victorian Copper Brown Baby Shoes Ankle Strap Shoe Button Unworn 1880

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Adorable pair of 1880's Victorian baby or doll shoes.  A low cut shoes with ankle strap in a coppery brown color. Shoes are unworn, still with string attaching the shoes together.  White shoe button to close the strap across the ankle. However, the button hole was never added to the strap.  I suppose a small slit could be made to fasten, or they would be cute for display just hanging from the string.  Hard soles.  

Measurement:  4" long from the toe to heel.  1-1/2" across the width of the sole.  4-1/4" length of the ankle strap, from side to side.

Condition:  as mentioned, no button hole.  Also, when the shoes were stored. the center top of one shoe does show a crease.  Has broken through the layer of  leather but not the lining.  Please view the photos.

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