Victorian Dressing Gown Bloomers Camisole Wedding Trousseau Set

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An outstanding Victorian wedding trousseau dressing gown, camisole /corset cover and split drawer bloomer /pantaloon set from the late 1890's or early 1900's.  The antique ensemble is lavishly embellished with hand made needlelace on tulle, and beautiful precision made tucks. A gorgeous display on all three of the garment pieces  Made of white cotton of a nice quality.  The set has had minimal usage.

The dressing gown buttons full length, from the round neck line to the hem, with nice mother of pearl buttons.  The upper portion of the gown is decorated with the needlelace insertions and two set of six tucks on either side of the front opening.  The upper portion of the gown's buttons are hidden behind a placket of the needlelace.  Cuffs are also treated with tucks and needlelace.  Back of the gown is made on a yoke. Slight flare to the fit so ample room for movement.

Length of the gown is 55" long from the neck line to hem.  Center back measurement from the neck line to hem is 56" long.    Shoulder to shoulder the length is 16".  41" around the bust. 

Condition:  Has not been laundered, although very decent.  Still a tad of oxidation.  I found no apparent damage of the lace or fabric.  However, I may have missed something minor. 

Camisole or corset cover is style the same as the dressing gown, with insets of needlelace and the two set of six tucks on either side of the front opening.  Mother of pearl buttons fastens the entire front with the upper portion hidden under a placket.  Center seam backing with darts on either side to pull the garment fit into the waist. 

Length is 21-1/4" long from the neck line to hem.  Across the shoulders, it is 14-1/2".  Bust is 30" around.  Waist is 24" around. 

Condition:  Again, this piece has not been laundered but still very good.  A tad of oxidation.  No damage that I found.

Bloomers /Pantaloons .  Split drawer with beautiful 6 rows of tuck work at the bottom of the leg.  A two inch insertion of needlelace and 1-1/2" of scallop bobbin lace completes the decorative edging.  Drawers button at the waist.

Length of the drawers are 32" long, from the waist to hem.  Waist is 28" around. 

Condition:  The drawers have been recently laundered.  Very nice condition. 



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