Victorian Early 1900s Blue White Calico Skirt Fabric For Craft Sewing

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Worn with patina, a great piece of blue and white calico print fabric for craft sewing projects.  The fabric is from a early 1900's Victorian work skirt, with some damage.  Even though some tears and holes, and would need to be worked around,  there is enough fabric for doll dressmaking etc.  Hem is still in the skirt, but no waist band.  The fabric is torn nearly straight from waist to about 6" above the hem, near one of the seam.   A couple other short straight tears in the fabric, but only a few inches or less.  Definitely worn, washed and over all faded.   The skirt fabric has four seams,  so please take that in account if using for a specific project.   Measurement:  44" around at the area of the waist.  94" around the hem.  Length is 36" long.  Again, it is worn with patina but a wonderful country primitive look to the fabric. 

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